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Splenda Daddy. The Purple Pill. My First Blog Post

I still want to have sex with women, but I don’t want to loose 1/2, or more, of everything I have when she decides to bail. I also don’t want to explain everything I do to a woman. I do not want to share decision making processes, especially financial one’s with a woman who cannot make enough money to live the way she wants to live on her own.

Women are beautiful. What they can do to you however, is not.



If you are like me, you will love the picture above. Wouldn’t you just love to slide into the sweet hole? PU$$Y. Damn it, I love it! I love the feel, smell, and taste of a pretty woman, and there is absolutely nothing in this world that feels as physically good as sliding my dick into a nice, tight cunt, and blowing my load. I like to fuck, be sucked, feel nice firm tits, grab a handful of a sweet A$$, and I love to lick and suck on a fresh clean cunt

However pussy, and my love and desire for it, has also been my downfall in the past. You cannot have real pussy without interacting with a woman. And the problem is women not only know this, they USE it, and they will use it to manipulate you as far as they can to get as much money, attention, and everything else they can from you with their pussy, tits, ass and mouth.

Me and most of the other men that I am aware of followed the same stupid paradigm. We landed the hottest chick we could get, married her, had kids with her, only to be dumped after she became bored. According to a 2015 study, women initiate 69% of all divorces. A 2015 study by the American Sociological Association found that women initiate two-thirds of all divorces, a staggering 69% to be exact. And worse yet, college-educated women initiate divorce at an even higher rate: 90%.

When the cunts I did marry eventually decided that living a married life, and honoring the commitments they made was just too much work, boring and not exiting enough, their minds inexorably started remembering and reliving the good ‘ol days when they were riding the cock carousell on a day to day basis. They longed for the day when they could just fuck without a care in the world. Like before they convinced you to marry them, to have kids with them, to build a life around them. Over time being married, which is something THEY demanded of you, was just too much work, so they go out and fuck some other guy behind your back.

I was raised that as a man, it was my responsibility to take care of my family. To take care of my kids, and my wife. In other words, I was raised to be a SIMP. I didn’t know that I was being a SIMP. I had never heard of the word until after I had been divorce raped several times.

I have kids, and I was glad to take care of them. Hell. it even made me proud. But the women that I took care of all ended up being a disaster for me. I was not a SIMP because I wanted to take care of my children. I was a SIMP because I believed that if I took good care of a woman, she would take good care of me. I was fucking wrong.

So after she fucks some other guy or guys, and kicks you out of the house that you payed for, the cunt files for divorce and then proceeds to suck every penny she can get out you. This is made even easier because she will have the help of a legal system that is way more favorable to women than men. How many times have you seen a man just eviscerated by divorce rape? And if their are children involved, she is MUCH more likely to get custody of the children, and you are forced to pay child support, usually is a ridiculous amount to her. You will not be allowed to just buy things the kids need as you see fit. The court will dictate what you will pay, and it will go directly to her. Fuck all that!!!!!

So what is a good man to do? I still want to have sex with women, but I don’t want to loose 1/2, or more, of everything I have when she decides to bail. I also don’t want to explain everything I do to a woman. I do not want to share decision making processes, especially financial ones with a woman who cannot make enough money to live the way she wants to live on her own.

This blog is NOT about hating women because I do not. I hate some of the things they do, but I have finally learned that they can only hurt me if I let them. If I give them the power to do so. Especially when you marry them without a prenup.

This blog is about how a man who has worked very hard to earn a decent income can have sex with some pretty, sometimes even beautiful women, without sacrificing everything you have worked so hard to attain.

This is the first post on my new blog. I am going to share some of my thoughts and experiences about my foray into an alternative lifestyle for men who still want to have sex, but refuse to be bound to a wife or a girlfriend, or all the problems that come with them.

If she is willing to do this for you…………. She WILL or has already done it with another guy. Chances are, if you marry her, or let her move in with you, she will do it behind your back, leave you, and her and her lawyer will divorce rape you. As beautiful as she is, she is not worth loosing half of your shit or more over.
Fuck her, just do’t let her move in with you.

Welcome to the Purple Pill.

Things I wish I had known before my first Meet and Greet (M&G)

This was not written by me. I found it online on Reddit. It is written from the perspective of a SB. However, I believe a lot of it applies to a Daddy.

  1. Research as much as you can about your date. Reverse search his number, name, photos, whatever you can find of him. Yes it sounds creepy and excessive, but it’s really for your own safety. One SD just mentioned earlier in another thread that he found out his POT had multiple criminal charges, including ones of domestic violence.
  2. As a sugar baby, don’t expect (and ask) to be paid for a M&G. It’s a M&G where you both meet each other and find out if there is a connection, no real reason why he should pay to find that out. Though, you can gauge his generosity from whether he offers to cover your travel expense to and from the meet up location 🙂
  3. Discuss allowance expectations beforehand. Seriously! It’s going to suck if you spend time dolling and dressing up, making your way there, spending an hour or two together only to be told he can only afford $100 per week. I always tell my POTs that I prefer to discuss arrangement details prior to meeting to ensure that we’re on the same page. If they refuse, then proceed at your own risk.
  4. Never ever send intimate photos / sext someone before meeting them or getting any money. Whether it is an online arrangement or IRL, the payment comes first. I noticed an influx of newbies recently asking regretfully if they have been cheated because they sent these stuff after promises of payment and then the guy disappears after getting what he wants. Please learn to protect yourself.
  5. When you’re considering an allowance, sit down with a pen and paper and write down ALL your expenses in a month. Bills you need to pay, budget for books, groceries, emergency, etc. One very common question asked around here is ‘How much should I ask for?’ No one can tell you how much is good enough. Allowances differ by locations and your personal spending lifestyle. Your best bet is to list down your expenses + a little more to what sounds appropriate and reasonable to you.
  6. Don’t expect a monthly allowance to start. A smart Daddy will know the risks of starting straight with an advanced monthly allowance with someone new and would prefer a pay-per-meet basis until trust is established. On the other end, do not ever agree to someone who tells you they’ll give you a monthly allowance but only at the END of the month. Just don’t. Too risky. Looks like there are actually SDs who might do long advanced allowance! Add on: Good compromise has been to do bi-weekly for the first month or two while establishing trust. Half of the agreed upon monthly allowance on the first date, the other half on the third. [Credit: u/hesjustafriend]
  7. Your phone number is linked to your full name. It cannot be unlinked. Giving anyone your real phone number means giving them access to your full name, which gives access to your Facebook and LinkedIn and whatever other info you have online. Be aware of this, and use some kind of app when talking to POTs (I use Burner). [Credit to u/honestsugar]
  8. Your photos can be reverse image searched. If you do not want someone to reverse image search your pictures and find your Facebook, then be careful about what pictures you put on which websites. [Credit to u/honestsugar] Add on: Try to have a set of photos you use exclusively for SA so that if reverse searched, they will not be linked to your social media profile pictures.
  9. Listen to your gut. All the time. No matter how bad your financial situation is, it is not worth risking your safety. If you get a bad vibe from a guy who is offering you thousands of dollars, do NOT accept the offer just because you’re in a bad financial situation. You will figure something else out. [Credit to u/honestsugar]
  10. Don’t get so jaded that you start making assumptions about people. I sometimes still make the mistake of assuming that someone who is younger/more attractive than the average SD is just using SA as a vanilla dating website, or that they are only a “wannabe” SD. But people can surprise you. Try to keep an open mind. [Credit to u/honestsugar]
  11. You should never share banking information with a SD, especially in the first few months of meeting and especially especially if you’ve only talked with them online. If an online SD POT is asking for banking info, report them if it’s on SA. [Credit: u/C12H22O11_XY]

And the reason it’s a red flag is because someone can totally send you money without your banking info. A service like works nicely. [Credit: u/gingerdaddy56]

12. Photo safety: Your photos with your phone can contain EXIF data (GPS location, date/time, phone model, etc) if you don’t disable it. You can 1) use explorer or a 3rd party app to remove the data, 2) turn the settings off in your phone, or 3) edit the photo (flip it, watermark it, screenshot and resave it) – but these are laborious. Recommend having some pics that are for sugaring only. [Credit: u/zscuro]

This extra data, called EXIF data is embedded in the pictures and is only a click away if someone has EXIF data plugins in their browser. It shows the exact address on google maps. This could be your house. To turn off this terrible “feature” for any future photos on an iPhone, go to: Settings>Privacy>Location Services>Camera>Never allow location access. [Credit: u/canucksugar]

For Android: Settings>Apps>Camera (or whatever app you use to take photos)>Turn off location permission. For Windows desktop: Go to the photo>Right click>Properties>Details tab>Remove properties and possessional information. [Credit: u/limbo_bimbo]

13. Sell the sizzle, not the cow and make sure that you direct your appeal to the meat eaters, not the quiche eaters or sell veganism to vegans. Own your brand from the first byte of your profile to the last text or call. [Credit: u/pinotandsugar]

14. In case you are traveling to or with a POT/SD, NEVER do that unless you know his true identity. Have tickets and a hotel room booked, paid and confirmed under your name. And make sure a friend knows where you are and check on you regularly! [Credit: u/Ohhh_baby]

15. Don’t be fooled by expensive clothing or cars. A lot of girls that have been tricked into thinking that they found Mr Millionaire but nope…just a poor dude that tricked you into having sex with him. [Credit: u/MadChirimoya]

I’ll edit this post as I think of more and will also include points from other SB/SDs, if any.

Since newbies of either genders do not have access to the separate private subs right away, if we put this information up on a public and more accessible platform, it will help them out immensely 🙂

How to break in a brand new baby

If your POT has never been in an arrangement before, she is very likely to be nervous, and rightfully so. So you need to understand this and be VERY patient with her. At first you will be communicating with her either on the web site, or by text if you have met her in person somewhere. You need to assure her that you are real, safe and caring.

Make sure that she knows she can ask any questions she wants. You can tell her that you may not answer identifying questions until you have gotten to know each other better, but just explain that to her in a kind manner. Don’t take any question she asks personally. She does not know you, and you should never expect her to trust you in the beginning. Trust is EARNED over time. A little here, and a little there.

Where to meet? When I first started doing this I would always meet in a restaurant for dinner. This not only became expensive, but it also was awkward when you on some occasions just did not hit it off. So now I prefer to meet over a drink at a very small bar that is not very busy and almost always has a place far enough away from everyone else so that you can talk openly without having to worry about anyone listening in on your conversation. It is also much easier to get up and leave over drinks than dinner if it is just not working. I prefer somewhere that allows me to choose where we sit, so we can talk openly in private.

Tell her that you will move at a pace she is comfortable with. Let her know that she can stop at any point, and for any reason, or for no reason at all, and that she does not need to explain why. Let her know that she is in complete control of how fast and how far the relationship develops. Tell her that you will spend a minimum of her allowance on her every month. Explain that anything else you do such as go to dinner, see a movie, or go on a trip together is all on you. You should pick up all expenses for everything you do together.

Talk about sex. Let her know that she can spend some time getting to know you before you jump into bed if she wants. If sex is important to you, make sure she understands that sex will be a big part of the arrangement. I tell them that I will ask many questions, and always ask her permission before I do anything. Let her know that she always has the right to say yes, or no, and you will always respect, and abide by her choice. Tell her you understand that No, means No, every time, and for every situation. This way, you can learn about her slowly, and correctly. Tell her you never want her to do anything she is not ready for, not comfortable with, or she does not want to do. Tell her you will never pressure her for anything, and be especially clear about this as far as being intimate together is concerned. Respect and trust are very important. Trust takes time, but respect is something you can, and should offer immediately.

I tell mine, “If all goes well, and we would like to meet again, I would like you to come to my home for an evening and sex is not expected at this time. I want us to spend more time together, in an intimate setting, but not necessarily be physically intimate. If it gets to that point, fine, but if it does, it will be because we both are ready for it, and want it to happen. Before you come to my home, I will give you my full name, and address. You should share my name and address with a trusted friend so that you can call/text them at anytime, and they are free to call/text you anytime just to check in and let them know you are safe. I ask that you to Google, and research me. It is not creepy or weird, it is a smart thing to do. Any man that will not understand and accept this, in my opinion, should be avoided. If you want, I will also grant you FB access, I just ask you not to post anything on my time line at this time. I will also cover all costs associated with this meet, including your transportation costs.”

If she does come over and spend sometime with you, consider giving her a little more than just covering her gas. Even 50 bucks can mean a lot to her. This is a real conversation I had with one of my babies. “The fact that you “Respect your body, and take strong consideration as to who you share it with”, is something that I understand, admire and respect a great deal. To start off, as far as your allowance goes, If you and I end up in an arrangement involving intimacy, I will agree to spend at least 1000 on you a month, and this does not include any activities or things we do together such as our lunch yesterday. So to be clear, the money I spent on lunch is not included in the allowance. But the 20 I gave you directly for gas, and the 50 that I gave you last night for your nails is. Basically anything I spend directly on you alone.”

More of the same conversation, “This allowance will be either spent on you, or given to you, or some combination of those. But, I need you to tell me how that is done. I like doing things for you already. I liked giving you money to cover your gas to come meet me. I liked being able to pay for your nails last night. I would enjoy buying you a new pair of shoes, or gifts, especially once I get to know you and what you like. But, I also understand if you need a certain amount from me. So think about it, and let me know what that would be. At some point in the future, I may raise that amount. But for now, I am saying it will at least be the minimum. Let’s say for the sake of discussion you want 500 from me a month directly. If that is the case, I will give you 500 directly, and also spend at least 500 on you for nails, hair, presents, etc. I would also give you copies of the receipts, just so you know I am keeping my end of the bargain.”

“If after you and I have spent enough time together for us both to be comfortable, and you and I agree to enter into an arrangement, intimacy will be a part of it. I will want to have sex with you every time we are together. There will be times when we cannot, such as when you are on your period, but in those cases you can please me in other ways, and during those times only, it will be all about me. I would like to learn what pleases you. I get a lot of satisfaction from pleasing my partner. So I will ask you what you like, and what you do not. I would ask for, and would appreciate any guidance from you during this time, if you are comfortable with that.”

“During the week, on an evening you and I have scheduled together, you would come to my home. We could go out for dinner, order take out, or I could cook us something to eat. We could watch some TV together, or a movie, have a cocktail or two, jump in the hot tub, or any combination of these things. And, we will have sex. I understand that because of busy schedules, this meet may have to be a shorter than I would like as you may not have time to hang out, or go to dinner, etc. But if we can, I would like to. The other time we see each other for the week, we may want to do something fun or interesting. We are very limited in what we can do right mow because of winter, and Covid, but hopefully we can find something fun or interesting to do. If we can we will, but we will also have sex. You will either come to my house before we leave for our activity we are doing, or you may come to my home after. Or we may be in my motor home. or a hotel somewhere, but my point is, we will have sex when we are together, and we will have it often.

When and if intimacy starts, you will come to my home for our first meet of the week. You will have told me by then how much of your allowance you want directly given to you. And just to be clear, if you want it all, that is fine with me. However being able to send you money last night for your nails, really made me feel good. So I would like it to be something like 750 directly to you, and 250 reserved for gifts. But, that is just me, and it can be whatever you want. So for the sake of discussion, let’s assume you want all of it. For the very first month, we will again divide the monthly amount by 4, and do it weekly. So this would mean 250 for each week. You will receive 250, which will be for this meet, but also for a second meet later in the week. This is to build trust yes, and I believe advancing you helps this on my side, but also to give you an opportunity to change your mind. The second reason is even more important that the first as far as I am concerned. You need to be able to change your mind, at any time, if you decide this is not for you.”

“If we decide to continue, the next month we I will divide the amount by 2, and on the first meet of the week I will give you 500. You will agree to so me twice a week for two weeks. We will do this again, for the other two weeks in the month. If we get to the third month, I will advance you the full amount for the month on our first meet of that month, and you will agree to see me twice a week for that month.”

“I understand that this all can seem “transactional”, but it gets better, and smoother as we learn more about each other. In my experience, having everything discussed and understood beforehand, while sometimes awkward, is so much better than assuming, trying to guess, and more often then not, guessing wrong. This is a different type of relationship, but it can really be great when the right two people connect. In my experience with traditional relationships, it is the opposite of that. Things tend to happen without being discussed beforehand and this often leads to confusion, misunderstanding, mistakes, hurt feelings, and sometimes even real heartache. For me this is a much better, more effective way to have a really great relationship without all of the pain and drama of the conventional ones.”

Be organized, have a plan!

I wrote in an earlier post the Finding Pussy is a lot like fishing and this is so very true. So how do you make the best use of your time and effort? Here are some things things have worked well for me. Know which woman you are writing to. Nothing is worse than thinking you are texting to a certain woman, only to find out you were wrong. If you are communicating on a web site, such as SA, this isn’t much of a problem. It is also not much of a problem if you are only communicating with one woman at a time. However, if you are like me and casting my line out there as much as possible, you may be communicating with several women at a time. This can be a problem, especially once you move to text (NOT ON YOUR REAL PHONE) as I have covered in an earlier post.

I create a new contact. If you know here name, use it. If not, and you only know her username use that as her first name. As a last name, I use the website or Breastaurant where I met her. If she has a photo on her web page profile, download the image and use it for your contact. This will help a great deal to remind you which woman you are talking to. If you have met her in person, and not on the site, ask her for a few photos. She may ask for some money for nudes, and that is up to you whether or not to pay for them, I sometimes do, but not more than $5. There are a lot of scammers out there, and they are willing to tell you they are willing to fuck you, but some will lie about it and try and get you to buy there pictures. So don’t spend a lot of money on pictures, unless that is your thing.

I like to keep a copy of all of my conversations I have with all women. I create a file, keep it on my computer, and upload the file to the cloud so that I can access it whenever I need to. This is very useful to be able to go back and re-read your conversations. This is especially useful when Meeting for the first time. Go back and read her profile again, either on the site, or a copy of it in your folder on her. This helps keep everything fresh, and helps give you something to talk to her about.

I also keep all of my conversations for another reason. Just in case you do fucker her, cum on or in her, and she tried to accuse you of rape. At least this way you have a better chance of dealing with that situation. This has never happened to me, but I like to cover my ass when dealing with women. Remember the MGTOW thing; Not every woman will fuck you over, but every woman can.

What age should she be?

I like ’em smooth

I covered this a little in an earlier post, but this topic has more to be considered. Some of this will have to do with how you feel about being around her, and public perception. I covered a little about being in public with your baby in an earlier post also.

For me, the early 20’s seem to be the best. I also like them childless, for two reasons. One, I like the look of a nice tight pussy that has not been stretched out by childbirth. Not all women that have children are stretched out, I know this, but there is a difference most of the time.

And of course, a lot of time the pussy is just tighter, which feels much better to me.

A lot of the women looking for a SD will be single mothers. I have tried several relationships with single mothers and it just does not seem to go as smoothly in my experience. And the more kids she has, the worse it goes. They don’t have the time to spend with me that I am looking for, and scheduling always seems to be a problem.

Women in their 30’s and up for the most part, still think pussy is worth 500 a fuck. Maybe it was back in the day, but not any more.

I have had the best luck with 20 something, single women looking to help with their school tuition or debt. And again, this is a real problem for them, so you really can help them out, and they seem to appreciate it so much more.

As I write this, I am just starting a new relationship, and she is coming to my home for the first time this evening. She is very cute, and pretty. I hope to get her out of her panties tonight, but I don’t know if that will happen right away. She is smart, but also has more respect for her body than most girls her age, and may play hard to get for a little while. I am fine with that. In my day getting laid, always included the girl playing hard to get.

How to initiate contact with your Potential(POT) Sugar Baby (SB) on Seeking Arrangement (SA).

So you have signed up for SA, paid to become a premium member, now what?

Spend time writing a great profile. In the About Me section, write something that will tell them what kind of person you are, what kind of things you like doing, and anything else you think they would find appealing. If you are a kind person, describe yourself as such. If you are an asshole, describe yourself that way. I think you should be honest, even though most women that I talk to say most men on the site are far from honest.

In the Seeking section, describe what you are looking for. I know I am looking to fuck, as well as other things, but you really should be creative or else you will just come across as rude and crass. Besides, I don’t believe SA would allow saying you just want to fuck, but I could be wrong. You can say things like, “I am not looking for a platonic relationship.”

I went through several iterations of my profile, and my introduction letter, learning what worked for me and what did not. But over time, I have come up with something that works very well. Most women will have written something about themselves, what they are seeking, and sometimes both. I recommend mentioning something about what they have written in your introduction message, just to let them know you have taken the time to read about them. This seems to help, at least it helps me.

I recommend installing the SA app on your phone, and allowing notifications. This way you know when a POT has viewed you, and also if they have responded to you. Respond to their message soon. You don’t have to respond immediately, as a matter of fact I would not because I think it comes across as too eager, but within an hour is best if you can. You do not want to make them wait too long, and you also don’t want to loose out to another Daddy. Keep the conversation going as long as you have to to try and reel her in, and eventually, get her panties off.

2020 What a fucking year.

Both please!

2020 is about over. This year has been challenging to say the least, and meeting and fucking women has been something to be even more careful about because of Covid-19. I still have women over, but I understand that there are risks involved, but there always are. Covid is just another.

I don’t want to catch the virus, but I also don’t want to be sequestered in my own home. I feel I am healthy, so if I do end up catching it, I believe I will survive it. The women that are willing to meet, know they are taking some chances too. But life does go on. In the end, it is your decision, much like going anywhere, or seeing anyone these days.

Hopefully soon, we can all get back to normal and start fucking our brains out again. I was able to land a fine young thing from one of the local (B)restaurants and she has moved up to number 1 as far as the most beautiful that I have landed. The new number 2 was from a few years ago. Both of them were as beautiful as any of the women I have pictured in my blog, and were a sheer delight to fuck, suck, and be sucked.

How to get her to WANT to pull her panties off.

So how do you get a pretty young POA to want drop her panties for you? It depends on the woman, but my best approach is to be kind, thoughtful, respectful, and intelligent. For the most part my interaction with these women starts online with a conversation. Being online has its advantages, and disadvantages, but you can use the advantages in your favor. You have time to actually think about what you want to say, as opposed to picking up women in a bar, where you have to be very quick on your feet as far as how you talk to them, and what you say. Also, you have to be very careful about talking about this kind of arrangement in public where people can eavesdrop.

I try my best to CHARM their panties off. The kind of women I want are NOT prostitutes. I have nothing against prostitutes and I have been with a few, but I have learned over time that there is a difference. I even wrote a post about this a few moths ago, and my feelings have evolved since then. The girls that I want want something from me. And not just money. Sure money is important, but it is not the only thing they are interested in. Most want to be spoiled. When I first started doing this, I thought spoiled meant unlimited shopping sprees and such. That is true for some woman, but those kind of women are lookinf for the big whale very rich sugar daddy. Being a splenda daddy, I cannot afford this. So I have learned that spoiling can be as simple as treating them nice. Offering to pay for her nails, or hair, or a new pair of shoes can go along way. This is the difference, and why the women I am attracted to are not prostitutes. A prostitute may offer a GFE (Girl Friend Experience), but after you fuck her, one of you leaves and you don’t have any more interaction with each other unless you decide you want to see her again.

I find that if I treat them well, with respect and kindness, it goes a long way in helping them decide to let the panties slide off. Honesty and being direct, but never rude helps even more. Sure these women want money, but not just money. The one’s I want, want to be treated well, and for many of them, it will be the first time they have ever been treated well.

Bring out your best game!!!!!

If she is cute, tell her she is pretty. If she is pretty, tell her she is beautiful. If she is beautiful, tell her she is gorgeous. If she is wearing something you like, tell her she looks great, or fantastic. Treat her well. Learn what pleases her. I have found that eating her pussy is almost always something they love. Buy a vibrator and use it on her. Ask her what she likes, and do your best to make her cum. If she likes how she is being treated, she is much more likely to reward you by sliding out of her panties, and making you cum. Win win.

Fucking is NOT considered Intimacy today.

I am on the upper end of what is considered middle age. I was taught that having sex was the epitome of intimacy. However, that does not seem to be the case today.

Most women today have no problem taking selfies of themselves partially or totally nude, of having pictures of themselves showing off their female attributes. To them it is no big deal. To some it means nothing at all. But for some reason, I just made the connection that most women today feel the same way about sex. It’s just no big deal, and means nothing.

I actually had a problem with this in my last marriage. My last ex was almost 20 years younger than me, and we had several discussions about sex, and love. I specifically remember me telling her that I believed that having sex with her was the ultimate expression of love. She looked at me like I was crazy, and said “Sex has nothing to do with love.”

I didn’t understand what she meant, or how she could feel that way at the time. She ended up having an affair, and she left me. The affair with “Fuckface”, as I call him, didn’t last long, and she tried to come back to me after several times, but I was just not able to trust her, and I finally just told her “NO”.

We were going through sex counseling for a year or so before, and while our therapist was really good, I just never really understood what the problem was. I knew my wife at the time was “damaged”, and I really thought that it was just her terrible past that was causing the problems, and that once she was “fixed”, everything would be fine.

Yes, I know how naive this sounds, and some of you may even go so far as to consider me stupid. However, I am not stupid, but I was naive, ignorant, and very out of touch with how much things had changed about the attitudes of sex in only a 20 year period of time.

The reason I am writing about this now, is because something just happened to me with the Baby I have been with recently that allowed me to finally understand what was going on in my last marriage as far as sex was concerned, and how younger women feel about sex today.

My latest arrangement started off pretty much like all of the others. I was seeing her a few times a week, and eventually she started stating the night. I was fine with that, as it actually felt nice to have someone in the house again from time to time.

Her situation where she was staying was not good, so I told her that she could stay with me in my house if she wanted. Now before you say, “You told me to never cohabitate with a woman”, you are correct. However, I wrote up a contract that specified that she was a live in house keeper, and she was to perform her duties as a house keeper to receive room and board as remuneration, and we both signed the agreement. I believe this will protect me should she ever decide to try and fuck me over.

I let her have a spare room, and I told her she could sleep there, or she could sleep in my room with me if she wanted. She always chose to sleep with me, except for one night recently, which leads me to write this.

She is very young. She is also horney as hell, and loves to fuck. We were fucking twice a day at times, and that was not a bad thing until I started having to work some very long hours, and was working six days a week. I had to go to bed pretty early, because I had to get up early and be at work.

So everything was fine until one night, after we had already fucked, I told her I was going to wind down and go to sleep. I did. Then in the middle of the night, I started feeling her hand on my cock. It felt good, I won’t lie, and it woke me up. I had already been up really late with her the night before, and the night before that, and this night I was really tired. So instead of waking up, fucking her, then trying to go back to sleep, I told her No, I have to get some sleep. She got up and went to her own room and slept in her bed for the very first time in our relationship.

Later the next day, I called her to see if she we OK, and if I had hurt her feelings by telling her No. She said she was not hurt, but there was something in her voice that told me something different. Later after I got home, she told me that she was starting to have feelings about being intimate. This is why I am writing this.

The problems she was having had absolutely nothing to do with fucking, or sucking. She will let me put my dick anywhere I want on her, or in her, and she has no problems with that at all. I can cum on her, or in her, anywhere, and she won’t bat an eye, unless some of my cum is heading in that direction. Her concerns were holding hands, and sleeping in the same bed together.

Fucking really means nothing to her. It is just something she does, and enjoys but it doesn’t MEAN anything at all. However, holding hands, touching each other in non sexual ways while sitting together watching movies scares her, and she considers those things as being intimate.

She is not wrong. Those are her feelings. And for the first time in my life, I understand why her, my last ex, and so many women today can just fuck, let you cum all over them, and it means nothing.

Like so many things in life, feelings, or what is important to a person can be very different from one person to the next. However, I have learned that age can exacerbate the differences to a degree I was unable to understand until a few days ago. The relationship between my Baby and I is on currently on hold until we figure out how to address the issue. She is away visiting family, and we are both thinking about how best to handle the issue.

My understanding of what is considered intimate for me has not changed. However, I now understand that intimacy can mean something very different from what I was taught.

This whole blog thing started out because I felt like I was trying things as I go, making mistakes, trying to learn from them, and wished that there was some place I could go to learn about it so that I could make fewer mistakes.

I hope reading this helps someone else.

Discretion and Your Sugar Baby. How do you handle being seen together in public?

So you have found your baby. Congratulations!!! She is fantastic in bed, lets you fuck her with enthusiasm, and is happy to show her appreciation to you, and you are happy to giver her her allowance every single time. You are spending time together in your home, or the hotel room, but what happens if you decide to go out together in public? Can you take her out, or do you or her have to be discreet? Can you show affection in public? Do you introduce her to your friends? Family? What happens if she stays the night and a friend or family member pops over to visit you unannounced? What will you say?

Each Sugar relationship is different. You will both need to talk about how you are going to portray yourselves in public. You may want to show her off, but she may not want or be able to be seen that way. She may want you to show her off, but you cannot be seen in public that way. Ideally, you both have already discussed this before you enter into the relationship. Remember honoring each others needs and wishes are part of the respect that must be a part of your relationship together. No matter how hot she is, and no matter how much you may want to show her off, if she cannot be seen in public in that manner, you cannot do it. Period.

Not all people that I will be describing will act the way I am writing about. I am only giving you real situations that have happened to me while I have been in public with my babies.

Let’s take a look at some different scenarios that you may encounter.

Judgmental women. You may encounter some judgmental men if they see you with your baby, but most men will give you the “Good Job!! nod, or just smile at you wishing they could have what you have. They will probably check her out by eyeball fucking her, so be read for that. As long as that is all they do, I take it as a compliment. But from my experience, 95% of all judgement, anger, resentment,unasked for opinions, and unsolicited advice will come from women. And the younger she is, the more judgmental they all will be.

Women who are close to hitting the wall, or already have.

Women who are close to, or have already hit the wall can be very vicious. They are generally pissed off, single, overweight and are more than willing to take out all their misery on you. Typically she is a single mom, and her sexual market value has dropped to near 0. The only hope she has of finding a man is to stumble across a mangina or a simp, and even if she is able to find one, he will definitely be a beta or lower male. After all, she is unhappy, why should anyone else be? And she will have no problem telling you all about it.

Older Women

Older women can be pretty fucking judgmental. Also, the more Christian they are, the worse they tend to be. Another case of they are not happy, why should you (or anyone else) be?

Fat Women

Fat women are another source of judgment, anger, and even hatred. They see you with a pretty little POA, and they have no problem telling you what a dirty and disgusting old man she thinks you are. Of course if she had not let herself go and could stop eating the box of donuts, she might be peddling her pussy as well. But most men that I know are not at all attracted to fat women. I am certainly am not, and I will leave them to the few who like the BBW, as they like to call themselves which means Big Beautiful Women for those of you that don’t know. They can’t call themselves Fat, so they have to create something else to call themselves. However, no matter what they call themselves, they are fat, and pissed off about it.

You married friends

If you have friends that are married, are girlfriend/boyfriend, or other wise coupled, understand that the woman in that relationship will NOT like your baby. And the older she is, the more the hatred. She is perfectly happy being a bitch to her husband, and she dose not want him getting any ideas.

Your Family

Your family may or may not approve. Certainly at least some of them will not. Be ready for that, and have your ducks in a row with your baby to have the same story, if that is something you choose to do as a way to handle the situation.

I choose that my baby and I do not show public affection when we are close to where we live. There are just too many people willing to tell you what they think, and that can really put a damper on the evening. I do tell my very close friends, and even some family that accepts what I do without judgment. When we are alone together, even in the car we hold hands. But when we get out to go into a restaurant, or some other public place, we act as friends only.

This is of course all depending on many things for you, even where you might live. But like everything with sugar dating, it should be talked about before the situation arrises.

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